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La Gomera SMART

short hiking trip - 5 days

La Gomera SMART

395 € per person

For 5 days and 4 nights we will walk the most beautiful routes of La Gomera and we will enter a paradise and a lost world that remains one of the most iconic landscapes of hiking in the world.
We will travel through the oldest laurel forests in the world, the most majestic rocks of the Canary Islands and routes that will take your breath away.
We will be enchanted by the beauty of its harbours, the steepest cliffs of the archipelago and one of the most important nature reserves in the western hemisphere.
With the best accommodation, transport to and from the routes and the most comfortable transport on the island, we will cover medium-complexity trails suitable for hikers of all levels of experience.

3 tours in 5 days:

… hiking on La Gomera.

1.- National park de Garajonay – Hermigua y mas

2.- GR132 – Hermigua – Vallehermoso

3.- Las Hayas – Valle Gran Rey

MAPA - La Gomera SMART programa


Any arrival date is suitable.

You can start the programme every day of the week, all year round. We just need to check availability in the accommodation. Send us a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

additionally to the accommodations described in the Tour Plan, this program includes also all transfers for each route from/to your accommodation on the island and arrival and departure transfers (port/hotel/port in La Gomera), personalised information via Zoom on the day of your arrival and delivery of maps and graphic material essential for your routes (via your hotel reception).

We will also send you the tracks of the routes so that you can visualise the route on your mobile phone.

All transfers are made individually, using taxis. Moreover, throughout your stay we will keep in permanent contact with you to solve any doubt or problem that may arise.

Don’t hesitate any longer: come to the Fortunate Islands and enjoy discovering the most spectacular places and the best hiking routes in La Gomera.

Protected by its steep cliffs and guarded by its enormous rocks, La Gomera stands as one of the best-kept natural treasures of the Canary Archipelago. A biosphere reserve, its 370 square kilometres contain some of the greatest biological diversity in the Atlantic, and its forests have been catalogued as living relics of the Earth from before the ice age.

The Gomeros consider themselves to be the oldest people in the archipelago and pride themselves on living on an island that has never been conquered. This strength of character can be felt in the “silbo gomero” or in their strong traditions that give the island an atmosphere of freedom that is unique in the world. Formed by underwater volcanic eruptions, La Gomera has a perfect orography for hiking and adventure in nature. Its reliefs, valleys and ravines rise up to give hikers a beautiful, challenging landscape that allows for one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

Traversing the island through its relief allows us to enter a landscape that seems to have been frozen in stone and gives us a sensory experience that reconnects us with nature. The natural parks of La Gomera have a rich diversity of terrains and microclimates that are a paradise for hiking. An untamed land that has remained untouched for millions of years to give us memorable moments.

We can witness first-hand the sea of clouds that covers the island, an impressive natural spectacle that makes La Gomera one of the most popular hiking spots in the world.

  • Destination
  • Included
    Bed & Breakfast accommodation
    in/out Airport transfer
    Liability and accidents insurance
    Luggage transfer
    Maps and printed descriptions
    Transfers by taxi and regular bus
  • Not Included
    access permissions
    Arrival transfer
    Bicycle rental
    Bus transfers
    Car Rental
    field telescope
    Half board accommodation
    HAVEN hanging tent
    Local flights + Ferry
    Transfer by ship
    Two nights in a hotel
Day 1

Arrival in Tenerife

  1. Transfer by your own means (not included) from the airport to the port of Los Cristianos.
  2. Ferry (not included) from the port of Los Cristianos to the island of La Gomera.
(there are two companies that connect both islands in approx. 50/60 minutes:
    • Fred Olsen Express
    • Naviera Armas
Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Torre del Conde (San Sebastián de La Gomera).
Day 2

Garajonay National Park: Alto del Contadero - Hermigua

From the Alto del Contadero, the PR LG 3 trail takes you through dense laurel forests with vegetation typical of the Tertiary Era and envelops you in a magical-looking plant world. The trail descends steadily through twisted trunks and giant ferns until you reach El Cedro, a village of just 7 houses nestled in the laurel forest. After the obligatory break and socialising with other hikers in the Las Vistas Restaurant, the descent continues along the Barranco del Cedro ravine, ending in Hermigua, a northern village with an agricultural tradition that boasts "the best climate in the world".

Niveau 3 9,1 km | + 5 m | - 1.125 m

Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Villa Hermigua or similar (Hermigua).
Day 3

GR132 - Hermigua - Vallehermoso

We now follow the route of the GR132, from Hermigua to Vallehermoso, crossing "all that north" on foot. A route that introduces you to the day-to-day life of rural Gomera and offers spectacular views towards the neighbouring islands of Tenerife and La Palma. The GR132 first looks for the beach of callao de Hermigua and then climbs progressively towards Agulo, an idyllic little village that lives outside the tourist development of the south of La Gomera. The climb up the Agulo ridge takes you to the Mirador de Abrante, an impressive overhanging viewpoint with breathtaking views of the Pico del Teide. After reaching the highest point at Cruz del Tierno, the trail begins a relentless descent to the foot of Roque Cano, a spectacular monolith and unique icon of Vallehermoso.

Niveau 3   16,7 km | + 1125 m  | - 1040 m

Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Añaterve or similar (Vallehermoso)
Day 4

Las Hayas - Valle Gran Rey

After a 40-minute drive to Las Hayas, an enclave of houses near the National Park famous for the stews of the legendary "Doña Efigenia", the GR131 takes you to El Cercado and begins a spectacular descent through the palm grove of Valle Gran Rey. The upper part of the ravine is full of herds of goats, grazing peacefully in their protected enclosures. And as you go further down, the little houses are interspersed, forming an idyllic setting that ends next to the sea, in La Calera. Valle Gran Rey was a stronghold of the Guanches in ancient times. Later it was the hippies who found their paradise in the valley. Today structured tourism has invaded the coastal areas, although a stroll through the narrow streets of La Calera brings back that feeling of the authentic flavour of a fishermen's neighbourhood. ...And in the Playa del Inglés you can enjoy a refreshing swim after your route through the south.

Niveau 3       10,1 km | + 295 m  | - 1275 m

Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Concha or similar (Valle Gran Rey)
Day 5


Transfer by taxi to the airport for the departure of your flight.


For 5 days and 4 nights we will travel the most beautiful routes of La Gomera and we will enter a paradise and a lost world that remains one of the most iconic landscapes of world hiking. We will visit the oldest laurel forests in the world, the most majestic rocks in the Canaries and routes that will take our breath away. We will be bewitched by the beauty of its ports, the steepest cliffs in the archipelago and one of the most important nature reserves in the western hemisphere.


  • Price from: 395 € per person 
  • included:
    • 4 nights accommodation with breakfast
    • Transfers for 3 hiking tours
    • Maps and informative material
    • Meeting via Zoom
  • The price DO NOT include:
    • Flights from/to your original country to La Gomera
    • Lunches & dinners
Single supplement: +375 €


Additional overnights

It is also possible to book some additional days, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


The hiking week is not suitable for vertigo sufferers. Some walks can be considered as strenuous and parts of some trails has narrow passages. Some sections can be slippery due to loose stones and/or wet parts, especially in rainy days. To join the hiking week and enjoy the tours, it is essential to be healthy and to have good physical condition.


The Canary Islands have a well signposted network of trails. All sections where from our tours are perfectly marked. In addition to the detailed map of Lanzarote, you will get from us precise indications of each route and assistance from the hotline on your walks.

We recommend

Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the tours, it is necessary to have food and drink enough, as well as sun protection, a cap, wind jacket and, in the winter months, warm clothing. We do offer wooden walking sticks for free.


The program is suitable for single travelers, although it is subject to an additional charge.

You can book at any date!

Price do not include flights, dinners, and picnics. You can book at any date!


Before formalizing your booking accommodations availability must be requested